DH West Coast Tattoo

room Shop 26, 397 Warnbro Sound Ave, Port Kennedy, Warnbro, Perth, Western Australia 🇦🇺

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West Coast Tattoo studio in Port Kennedy. Specialising in custom and original pieces.


1. You can come in at any time during our opening hours to chat about a tattoo you want to get done, it wont cost you anything to discuss your ideas or show us your designs, and any queries or questions you might have, and we'll also help you with a quote! The only cost is a $50 deposit which is required when you make your booking! :-)

2. You need to have a deposit down with the shop for a booking! If we call you up because you haven't put a deposit down, you need to come in and put one down! If you cancel the day-of a booking you lose your deposit and have to come in and put down another one, this is because it is very difficult for us to fill spots the day-of and we may not be able to fill in the hours you had booked.

3. Deposits are non-refundable, but if you need to move your session, give us a call AT LEAST a day BEFORE your session so that we can move you and you can keep your deposit, as moving appointments takes a lot of time and organizing and we might not be able to at the last minute!

4.If you are not confirmed for your session the day before you will be cancelled and lose your deposit with the shop.

We call you the day before but if for some reason you have not been confirmed, we may have the wrong number so call us, text us, or hit us up on Facebook! :-)

5. If you have a new number to the one you booked in with, it is important that you give us your new number ASAP before your session so that you do not get cancelled or lose your deposit because you have a new number.

6. Please email in your refs as soon as you can so that we can get to drawing them up for you! If you don't we'll have a difficult time trying to draw up what you want so that you're super happy about the design :-)


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