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The Art of Symbols of Faith Tattoos

How we can express our beliefs and religion through the artistic world of symbols of faith tattoos

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For many, religion runs skin deep. While the church may not 100% approve of body art, symbols of faith tattoos are a great way to showcase your spiritual beliefs. Whether you use your ink to tell a story or you are simply drawn to the aesthetics, choosing designs based on the Christian faith is a wonderful way to strengthen your connection to God and be reminded of his plan during life’s ups and downs. From ornate designs to minimalist Christian tattoos, there are many ways to illustrate your faith.

Symbols of Faith Tattoos to Express Religion

Tattoos have been around since the dawn of time, even since the creation of some religions. Today our spiritual journey is often used as inspiration for our tattoos, just as much as our ink inspires us to stay true to our faith despite life’s challenges. This subject covers a great number of opinions, tastes, and symbolism. Discover the most popular symbols of faith tattoos and get planning your next ink.

Cruxification Faith Cross Tattoo

A popular motif in the tattoo world, usually in black and grey, is the image of Christ crucified. This image symbolizes God’s biggest sacrifice to cleanse the world of their sins and offer salvation to those who choose to accept it. People may choose this design to represent a personal or spiritual rebirth, leaving behind past difficulties, a change of spiritual direction, or the search for a new path. But it does not stop there, the cross and the crown of thorns refer to suffering, pain, and forgiveness. Its inscribed phrase in the upper part "INRI" is the abbreviation of "Ievs nazarenvs rex ivdaeorvm" which translates as Jesus of Nazareth, king of the Jews. This type of tattoo usually looks best on a medium or large size, areas such as the arm or back are ideal.

The Chalice of the Last Supper Faith Tattoo

Another motif impregnated with symbolism although much less common is the Chalice of the Last Supper. In the merely historical aspect we refer to the cup that Jesus Christ used and drank from at the last supper with his disciples. Today, a similar chalice is used at the beginning of communion in mass and is considered an important relic in Christianity. Yet it also incorporates a deeper meaning because it reflects the healing of the spirit, the healing of the soul, and the beginning of a new spiritual awakening. This tattoo gives us more freedom when it comes to its size, style, and colors. From a small silhouette on the wrist to an elaborate design on the forearm.

The Christian Rosary Tattoo Symbol of Faith

Here we find a classic religious tattoo. It is a prayer used to commemorate the 20 main mysteries of the life of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. It also represents the roses, as a prayer that are offered to the Virgin Mary, in her different stages of life. Since its origins in the 12th century, the rosary has been considered a meditation on the life of the Virgin and Christ, and it is as such that many Popes have approved and encouraged its recitation. It can be tattooed on many parts of the body given its shape, it can encircle an ankle, fingers, the neck or accompany another tattoo of the hands in the form of prayer.

Angels and Saints Christianity Symbol Tattoo

The worshiping of a saint stems from the celebration of the miracles that turned the saints into venerated people. There is a whole culture behind angels. The word Angel comes from the Greek word Angelos which means "messenger" which helps us to see them as God's messengers. They are the ones sent between Him and us to spread His word and offer protection. It is a common belief that each person has a protective Angel who watches over us. Angel tattoos offer many design options. Be inspired by David Beckham’s angel back tattoo and opt for a medium to large elaborate bodysuit or a small tattoo on the forearm.

Fineline and Christian Minimalist Tattoos

For anyone looking for a smaller, more delicate design, the Christian religion offers us a diverse range of motifs to choose from. The cross is a clear example of a design that can be done in very discreet areas and is steeped in meaning. If we are more attracted to lettering words with Faith or God are a great idea full of passion and personal meaning. Yet, for those who are looking for something more original or unconventional, there are many interesting options. The "G>^V" reminds us in a very symbolic way that God is always with us and is greater than our ups and downs and will always guide us, no matter how complicated life gets.

The Dove With An Olive Branch Tattoo, or Dove of Peace Ink

The dove of peace is an ancient symbol that appears in the biblical book of Genesis, representing peace and reconciliation after the universal flood. After the Second World War, this figure once again gained great recognition thanks to drawings by Picasso. Therefore we speak of an icon that transgresses beliefs as a symbol of union, peace, and reconciliation either with oneself or with the world. So, this motif cannot be missed in a collection of religious tattoos. A shoulder is a great placement for a dove of peace tattoo because this area offers plenty of space to develop the theme in detail.

The Ichthys Symbol

The secret symbol of the fish is widely known by the name of ichthus or ichthys, whose acronym in Greek means Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior. For two Christians to recognize each other as such, one of them would draw an arc symbol in the sand. If the other person completed the figure of the fish, it meant that both were Christians. Being persecuted and repudiated by society, they had to look for ways to recognize each other. This makes us understand the strength of the symbol and the mystical aura that has surrounded it throughout history. Its simple and fine design invites us to tattoo it practically in any area of the body. For those looking for minimal or fine-line symbols of faith tattoos, this is a very good option.

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