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Love Fine Line Ink? Be Inspired By Hailey Bieber’s Tattoos

With more than 20 micro tattoos, Hailey Bieber has put the fine-line style on your radar. Here is a run-through of her collection of mini-ink

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Gone are the days when tattoos were associated with large format back tats or full-on sleeves. Ink has had a glow up and it is all thanks to celebrities and influencers like Hailey Bieber. Nowadays, more and more women are opting for tattoos but instead of more traditional styles like blackwork or neo-traditional, they are choosing something more minimal and feminine: fine line. This style has grown in popularity over the last decade, but Hailey Bieber’s tattoos have caused a fashion frenzy. Her tiny tattoos are subtle, sophisticated, and secretive, all contributing to this tattoo style's success. With 26 tattoos and counting Bieber has enlisted the likes of celebrity favorites JonBoy and Dr. Woo for her inky motifs. Here is the 411 on her tattoos.

1. The Original Hailey Baldwin Tattoo

In 2015, back when Hailey Bieber was Hailey Baldwin she opted for her first ever tattoo. The now famous Roman numeralsVI-X-XC” on her left wrist commemorate her parent’s marriage, 06/10/90 (June 10th, 1990) being the day that Stephen and Kennya got married. Hailey Bieber chose JonBoy to work his magic for this tattoo, the first of many small and meaningful designs.

2. Hailey Beiber’s Heart Tattoo

It appears that 2015 was the year that started Bieber’s obsession with micro ink. Only three months after getting her first tattoo, Hailey opts for an elegant fine-line outline of a heart on her right Achilles tendon, also the artistry of JonBoy. Little is known about the meaning behind this tattoo but rumors have it that it was in 2015 that Hailey started dating her now husband Justin Bieber.

3. The First Hailey Bieber Finger Tattoo: The Gun

In the very same session as the heart outline, Hailey opted for her first-ever finger tattoo, a small gun on the palm side of her left middle finger. Why did she choose this rock n’ roll design, also by JonBoy? Even she doesn’t know. She famously published a photo of the fresh ink along with the caption: "Tbh I don't know why I have this tattoo... just another story to tell lol. It is what it is”. Its just going to be another inky mystery to solve.

4. G For Georgia Tattoo

In June 2015, Hailey Bieber’s tiny tattoos grew from three to four with the addition of a “g” initial in cursive font on her neck. JonBoy also created this design proving that even the tiniest of tattoos can have the biggest meaning. The “g” in question symbolizes the G in the name of Georgia, the daughter of Seattle’s megachurch pastor Chad Veach who was born with a rare brain disorder called lissencephaly.

5. The “Baldwin” Hailey Name Tattoo

Your maiden name is often dropped in Western culture yet it still forms a big part of your identity. Hailey alongside her cousin Ireland celebrated their shared family heritage by opting for another JonBoy tattoo, this time of their surname in tiny cursive script. Inked onto the inside of their middle fingers, this placement symbolizes a path of self-discovery.

6. Matching BFF Broken Heart Tattoo

In August of 2015, Hailey and BFF Kendell Jenner opt for discreet, matching BFF tattoos to mark their friendship. Hidden away on the side of their left-hand middle fingers, this subtle ink adds a pop of color to Hailey Bieber’s list of tattoos. The broken heart design may at first appear melancholic but it symbolizes the two sides of a friendship necklace. Jenner opted for white ink while Bieber chose to go with a classic red ink tattoo.

7. Minas Gerais Tattoo

The last of the 2015 ink sees this cursive, handwriting font tattoo of the southeastern state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. Hailey’s mom, Keenya Baldwin was born in Brazil and is the daughter of famous Bossa Nova Grammy award-winning producer Eumir Deodato. While the real meaning behind this JonBoy ink is unclear, it is an obvious nod to her Brazilian roots.

8. Small Scripted “Seek” Hailey Bieber Neck Tattoo

When it comes to Hailey Bieber’s micro tattoos, both fine line and handwriting are two styles that dominate her designs. In February 2016, shortly after making her relationship with Justin Bieber official, she returned to JonBoy, this time for a minimal faith tattoo. The vertical, back of the neck tattoo spells out the word “Seek” in cursive, fine, flowing font, a nod to Hailey’s faith and church community at Hillsong Church in New York where she and Justin are active members. Hailey later revealed on Instagram that the tattoo is a reference to the Zephaniah 2:3 Bible verse: "Seek the Lord, all you humble of the earth who have carried out his command; Seek righteousness, seek humility, perhaps you will be hidden in the day of the Lord's anger."

9. Gente: Hailey Bieber’s Hip Tattoo

Once you get one BFF tattoo, you will want more as proven by Hailey Bieber herself. In May 2016, together with fellow model and best friend Mari Fonseca paid a visit to JonBoy for a simple but striking single-word tattoo of “Gente” - Portuguese for “people”. A nod to their Brazilian roots? Perhaps, yet Fonseca is also CEO of Gente Beauty, a brand founded in 2022 suggesting that this tattoo inspired the name.

10. PR AY Finger Tattoo

Micro tattoos are cute, but when they are worn by Hailey Bieber they are a whole new level of adorable. Not a stranger to faith tattoos, Hailey opted for a second Christian ink in June 2016 but this time it was designed by Kendall Jenner who also chose the same design. JonBoy worked his magic, placing the letters “PR” on Hailey’s left hand and “AY” on her right so that when she places her hands in prayer, the letters spell out the word “pray”.

11. Hailey Bieber’s “K 3:30” Bible Verse Tattoo

If you are wondering what the Hailey Bieber hand tattoo meaning behind this curious design is, it represents the John 3:30 Bible reading. “He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less”. The “K” on the other hand is shrouded in mystery. Could it represent best friend Kendall Jenner or could it represent her mom Keenya? Sparks flew as photos of this JonBoy ink were published as the placement of this tattoo supposedly covered part of the previous “pray” tattoo.

12. Index Finger Star Outline Tattoo

Hailey Bieber’s Tattoos are known for being simple and elegant and this star outline tattoo created by JonBoy the day after the famous “K 3:30” design is no different. Placed on her right index finger, this tattoo acts as a reminder of her cosmic energy on and off the runway.

13. Hailey Bieber’s Tattoo Back Design: Unseen

In late October 2016, Hailey added another JonBoy design to her body. This time on her spine. The almost microscopic fine-line tattoo depicting the word “unseen” sits subtly at the center of her spine and is supposedly related to a Bible verse.

14. A Minimalist Cross Neck Tattoo

Another religious tattoo was added to the collection in January 2017, this time a micro, minimalist cross tattoo on Hailey’s neck. Of course, JonBoy was the designer of this mini-ink, another tribute to NYC megachurch Hillsong.

15. Hailey Bieber’s “Coeur d'Alene” Back Tattoo

At the same time as getting her minimalist cross, Hailey Bieber also chose the small, minimal, cursive phrase of “Coeur d’Alene”. This translates from French as “heart of Alene” and this tattoo is a tribute to Hailey’s older sister Alaia whose middle name is Alene.

16. Hailey Bieber’s Coachella Party Tattoo: Two Chevrons

The best souvenir from Coachella? A Tattoo, of course. Yet this is not ordinary ink, JonBoy designed it. While at the famous Revolve Influencer Party in April 2017, Hailey opted to add to her collection of micro tattoos by placing two minimal, small chevron arrows on her left pinky finger.

17. 1996, Birth Year Tattoo

In April 2018, Hailey returned to her favorite celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy for a small birth year tattoo. The numbers 1996 are placed on her hip and were displayed with pride during her famous Calvin Klein campaign.

18. Hailey Bieber’s Collarbone Tattoo

Another work of art from JonBoy, this fine line, minimal heart outline tattoo sits cutely on the collarbone. As far as Hailey Bieber’s tattoos go, she claims that this design is her favorite. This small tattoo was added to her collection on the same day as the 1996 hip tattoo.

19. Hailey Bieber’s Diamond Tattoo

Not only is this tattoo a throwback to Emo style but it is also the reason why Hailey Bieber wasn’t at the Oscars in February 2019. Placed behind the ear, this minimal, geometric-style diamond tattoo is the artwork of JonBoy, of course.

20. Hailey Bieber’s Lover Tattoo

Two years after tattooing a minimal cross on her neck, Hailey chose to upgrade her look with a decorative slim needle handwriting design spelling out the word “Lover”, created by Dr. Woo. This super feminine single-word tattoo adds a girly touch to Hailey Bieber’s tattoos.

21. Moon and Stars: Hailey Bieber’s Hand Tattoo

Shortly before getting married, Hailey paid a visit to the L.A based celebrity tattoo artist Dr.Woo to add a statement hand tattoo to her collection of micro ink. Infusing galactic, cosmic energy into her existing ink, this grouping of detailed, fine-line designs showcases delicate dot work, intricate celestial shapes, and floral motifs.

22. A Feather and Stars Thumb Tattoo

On a separate occasion, Hailey returned to Dr.Woo to complete the above hand adornment. This time, she focussed on just the thumb. Here a snaking design of tiny stars and feathers adorns the length of her thumb, adding a finishing touch to her hand tattoos.

23. Hailey Bieber’s “J” Tattoo

J is for Justin. Or at least that is what Hailey Bieber’s October 2020 ink wants you to think. Once world freedom was regained, Hailey made a trip to celebrity tattoo artist Mr. K for two fresh tattoos, one of them being this italic style letter J which adorns her ring finger - the ultimate symbol of devotion.

24. Beleza Hailey Bieber Neck Tattoo

Beleza, translates as “beauty” in Portuguese and this tattoo, also by Mr.K symbolizes Hailey’s proud Latina heritage and her natural beauty, inherited from her Brazilian mom. This design has been created in delicate cursive font and placed on the neck.

25. Hailey Bieber Mini Tattoos: The Peach

The end of March 2021 saw another collaboration tattoo for Hailey Bieber this time with her husband Justin Bieber. The artwork in question is a Georgian peach in honor of Justin’s hit single “Peaches” inked by Dr. Woo. While Justin got it on his neck, Hailey chose the inner arm for her ink.

26. The Mini Mushroom Arm Tattoo

While the exact date and artist are unknown, we know that in 2023 Hailey Bieber’s tattoos were in the limelight once more thanks to the addition of a mushroom tattoo. This small, fine line, black ink design sits neatly above her right elbow and is a nod to Justin’s frequent use of mushroom motifs in his clothing.

27. New York Handwriting Tattoo

At some unknown date a fine line, handwriting “new york” tattoo appeared on Hailey’s neck next to her small diamond tattoo. This is another of Dr. Woo’s creations and a reminder of her love for the Big Apple.

28. Hailey Bieber’s Tiny Bow Tattoo

Once a bun head always a bun head. Hailey Bieber’s passion for ballet is no secret and her latest ink is a testament to that. A small, dainty, fine-line bow tattoo appeared on her hand during the final days of 2023 as a nod to Bieber’s ballet days. Hailey got this ballet ink during a trip to Los Angeles where she visited Melina Wendlandt, the artist behind this fresh ink.

Want to Replicate Hailey Bieber’s Tattoos?

If you are thinking of adding a fine-line design to your existing tattoo collection or have been daydreaming of your first ink, trying a temporary tattoo is the perfect way to try out various designs and placements. A tattoo is for life so it is important to get it right. Luckily, brands like Tatteco offer many fake tattoo designs that mimic Hailey Bieber’s tattoos from over the years. So, if you are inspired by fine-line micro tattoos, why not try a temporary version before you get the real deal?

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