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Celebrate Your BFF With Friendship Tattoos For Galentine’s Day

Love is in the ink! As we gear up for the ultimate celebration of sisterhood, Galentine's Day, why not take your BFF bond to the next level with some friendship tattoos?

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With love in the air, why limit romance to couples? Celebrate a love that goes skin deep and take your friendship to a whole new level with friendship tattoos this Galentine’s Day. From matching designs to symbols steeped in secret meaning, best friends' tattoos are the ultimate declaration of your unbreakable bond. Let your ink tell the story that the two of you share and remind you of the enduring strength of your friendship.

Show Your Love With Friendship Tattoos

There are very few relationships, if any that are as constant and enduring as that of you and your BFF. Whether you go back to third grade or you met your bestie in your twenties when you were figuring out life, celebrating your bond is a must. After all, this kind of love lasts forever so why not prove that your BFF is your ride-or-die with some permanent ink? Use Galentine’s Day as the perfect excuse to immortalize your friendship and celebrate your love by getting inked.

A Brief History of Galentine’s Day

The concept of Galentine's Day dates back to 2010. Leslie Knope, a character interpreted by Amy Poehler on NBC’s Parks and Recreation made a groundbreaking declaration stating that February 13th is officially Galentine’s Day. This special day is all about celebrating your girl pals, your girl gang - the women who stand by you through life’s ups and downs.

What To Consider Before Getting Bestie Tattoos

Your bestie has been by your side through thick and thin. They are the peanut butter to your jelly, the Taylor Swift to your Karlie Kloss. When friendship bracelets and keyrings now feel outdated, it's time to immortalize your bond with BFF tattoos. Yet there are some important things to consider before you get carried away with choosing a design. It is important to remember that tattoos are forever, there is a financial commitment involved and they are painful. So, approach the decision with a level head and feel inspired by the array of friendship tattoo ideas available.

Don’t Compromise When Getting Matching BFF Tattoos

This is not the time or the place to nod along with something that you are not 100% happy with just because your friend is all in. Unlike a Friday night movie that wraps up in two hours, this is a permanent ink that will last a lifetime. If you are normally the decision maker of the two, now is the time to be especially receptive to your BFF’s thoughts and feelings. If you are having a hard time agreeing on a design, perhaps consider getting temporary tattoos for now and revisiting the permanent ink idea later.

Be In This Together

If there is a chance that your friend may bail on the tattoo appointment or chicken out at the last minute, sit down with them and discuss your feelings. You don’t want to be left with one half of an avocado tattooed onto you for the rest of your life. Make sure you are both on the same page and book a consultation with your chosen tattoo artist before going under the needle.

Set a Price Limit

Tattoos cost money, especially if the chosen design is large or the tattoo artist is highly skilled (which is what you want). Be prepared to spend a pretty penny on your friendship tattoos and always get a quotation for the tattoo before you make your final decision. Think long and hard about if you want to spend your money on this and set a price limit you are both comfortable with.

Choose a Best Friend Tattoo Design That Looks Good On Its Own

Make sure your design looks good when you are not standing side by side with your bestie. The longevity of your ink is an important factor when choosing friendship tattoos. Consider also picking a design that holds a special meaning that is unique to both of you. Plus, the placement of your design is important. Not all designs translate well when placed on your ankle or hip bone, for example. Make sure that your design is instantly recognizable regardless of where you choose to get inked.

Remember, Getting a Tattoo Hurts

We are not going to lie to you, getting a tattoo hurts. Yet certain areas of the body are more painful than others. The ribcage may not be the best place for a friendship tattoo as it is one of the most painful areas of the body. You don’t want to be constantly reminded of the pain each time you glance at your tattoo and remember your BFF.

Research As Much As Possible

If you do decide to get friendship tattoos, do it right. When researching best friends forever tattoo ideas consider things like the size, placement, and cost. Also, look into tattoo studios and their styles. Do their designs reflect the style you are looking for? Have they got good reviews? This isn’t a Christmas jumper that looks terrible but you can laugh over it later. A friendship tattoo is something you will have to look at every day for the rest of your life.

Best Friend Tattoo Ideas For Your Next Ink

If you have committed to the idea of getting unique friend tattoos, it is time to start researching designs and hunting down the best tattoo artist for the job. Since all friendships are different, consider getting a custom design. Or, be inspired by these ideas for friendship tattoos - which would also make for wonderful sister tattoos.

“Always With You” Best Friend Quote Tattoo

This one goes out to all those best friends who live miles apart. Embodying eternal support and unwavering friendship, an 'Always with you' quote tattoo speaks volumes in a few words. This ink serves as a permanent reminder that, no matter the distance or challenges, your best friend is an enduring presence, a constant source of strength throughout life's journey.

North Star Tattoos

If your BFF is not just a companion but more of a compass, a North Star tattoo is a symbolic nod to their guiding presence. North Stars illuminate the night sky and their timeless presence never falters. Just like these celestial beacons, your best friend is always there for you, offering you steadfast support and guidance when you need it most.

Initial Tattoos

If you are looking for simple girly best friend tattoos, there is nothing more discreet than getting the first letter of their name tattooed onto your body. This minimalist approach not only adds a touch of chic charm to your body art but it also captures the essence of your friendship in a unique and personal way.

Best Friend Butterfly Tattoos

Best friend butterfly tattoos are essentially the grown-up equivalent of the BFF heart necklaces we had as kids. The idea behind these friendship tattoos is that each person gets one side of the butterfly tattooed onto their body. This design is one of the best matching tattoos for best friends as butterfly wings look equally as stunning individually as they do together. In many cultures, butterflies symbolize the soul so celebrate your soul connection with matching butterfly tattoos.

Puzzle Pieces

There are many quirky ideas for small friendship tattoos but none quite like the puzzle piece. Celebrate your perfect match with this creative and playful design. Just like interlocking puzzle pieces, your friendship completes a beautiful picture showcasing an inseparable connection between you and your bestie. This BFF matching tattoo design is a fun and lighthearted reminder that together, you create something extraordinary.

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