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Feminine Bow Tattoos and Balletcore: Pretty in Pink

Bows are back but this time they are not just a simple hair accessory. Bow tie tattoos are having a moment in the spotlight and we cannot get enough

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For many, ribbon bows conjure up images of pastel pink pointe shoes with ribbons crisscrossed around the ankle and hair bows to match. Today, Gen Z’ers are swapping shoelaces for satin ribbons and some are even incorporating feminine bow tattoos into their body art. With ex-bun heads such as Hailey Bieber (who studied ballet until a teenager) at the forefront of this trend, we can expect nothing less than an empowering celebration of femininity.

Thinking of Getting Feminine Bow Tattoos? Discover the History of This Chic Symbol

Bows have been used in fashion since Medieval times. However, they were primarily used in men’s attire to fasten sleeves to shirts or to secure doublets to their hoses. Renaissance men would use bows more decoratively, fastening a lock of hair over their hearts that had been bound with a ribbon to showcase their romantic attachment. French revolutionaries and much later, the suffragettes used ribbons for symbolic purposes - pinning cockades and slinging sash-like ribbons across their garments, respectively.

During the mid-18th century, the invention of the power loom allowed ribbons to be mass-produced, transitioning them from a male accessory into a fashionable motif for women. Men’s fashion evolved to embrace tailored silhouettes and subdued hues while women’s attire embraced ornamentation. Even working-class women could afford to update their look with ribbons, either in their hair or on their dresses. Today, ribbon bow tattoos are a common symbol within the TikTok Balletcore trend which captures the ultra-girly aesthetic of ballet and incorporates motifs such as bows and ballet slippers into everyday looks.

Bow Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

When it comes to tattoo art, be it real or temporary tattoos, bows are symbols of femininity and love given that ribbons are most commonly used to embellish gifts. The joy of giving and sharing echoes the female nurturing spirit and bow tattoos show that there is something special inside the wearer - their gift to the world. People who choose feminine bow tattoos want to show that there is more than what meets the eye. This profound symbolism makes it an alluring choice for many women.

Be Inspired By These Feminine Bow Tattoos

The anatomy of the feminine bow tattoos trend dates back to early 2022 when bows started to pop up on the fall/winter runways of fashion designers like Carolina Herrera and Christian Cowan. A year later Simone Rocha jumped on the bandwagon. Yet, despite bows circling on fashionistas’ radars for some time, it wasn’t until November 2023 that this trend exploded thanks to the social media channel, TikTok. If you are inspired by this perfect bow trend, here are various ways to incorporate it into your body art.

Coquette Tiny Bow Tattoos

One of the most popular ways to wear this trend is in microform. Hailey Beiber, one of the trendsetters embracing the bow tattoo trend, has amassed a vast collection of micro tattoos over the years. Her latest ink plays homage to ballet with a striking, fine-line minimalist micro bow tattoo, on the side of her hand. This design captures the essence of ballet’s grace and shows that it is possible to infuse personal expression into the most subtle motifs.

Microbow tattoos can be placed almost everywhere on your body. They look great in small places such as the fingers, hands, and behind the ear but they can also be combined with larger designs to create a unique design.

Pink Bow Tattoo

Those looking for graceful and feminine designs will be drawn to ballet-inspired pink bow tattoos. Perhaps one of the most traditional designs, these tattoos celebrate the art of ballet and are a symbol of the dedication and passion required to dance. The iconic pastel pink color of ballet ribbons highlights sweetness, innocence, and poise. They can often serve as a personal reminder of childhood ballet classes and the perseverance through challenges, encouraging the wearer to find moments of elegance and grace in their daily routine.

Dainty Bow Tattoo

We often refer to dainty tattoos as smaller designs or designs that embody the delicate fine-line bow aesthetic. Dainty bow tattoos embody understated elegance and feminine charm and offer a sophisticated and refined design for those searching for a little tattoo. When worn in key zones on the body, they become an eye-catching adornment, especially when inked in colored ink. Since ribbon bows are whimsical, and flowing designs, the simple nature of a dainty bow tattoo ensures that the tattoo maintains its refined, timeless appeal. Place this design behind the ear, on the wrist or on the ankle and celebrate your feminine energy.

Ballet Shoes and Tattoo of a Bow

Opting to incorporate both ballet pointe shoes and feminine bow tattoos into one design showcases your dedication and appreciation for the dance. Pointe shoes have been in use since the 18th century and to keep them secure while dancing, ribbons were sewn onto the shoes and then crisscrossed around the ankle, tying into a bow at the back of the leg. This bow is both practical and visually pleasing, contributing to the overall elegance of the dancer’s attire.

Choosing to ink feminine bow tattoos along with images of pointe shoes is a fashion statement steeped in history and culture. Pointes are used by ballerinas to give the illusion of weightlessness. Choose this tattoo to remind you to always find beauty in your plans and to be free from life’s restrictions.

Ribbon Bow Tattoo Outline

While fine-line cute bow drawings are nice, there is nothing like displaying something closer to the real deal. A ribbon bow tattoo outline complete with shading and intricate detailing is a step above the rest when it comes to feminine bow tattoos. This larger style is designed to be shown off and looks great placed on the forearm, bicep, or torso. The bold lines and shading add a 3D element to the tattoo making it seem that it is gently resting on the skin’s surface. This level of detail not only elevates its visual appeal but also adds a sense of realism. Choose a singular bow design or combine it with other feminine motifs such as flowers, butterflies, or animals for added allure. Alternatively, choose a temporary ribbon bow tattoo before committing to the real deal.

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