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Re-imagine Femininity With Female Figure Tattoos

Celebrate womanhood loud and proud with female figure tattoos that showcase femininity in all its glory

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In a world where celebrating womanhood should be an everyday occurrence, female figure tattoos provide a unique and powerful way to honor feminine power. Beyond the confines of International Women’s Day, these tattoos serve as a constant reminder of the empowerment that comes with embracing and re-imagining femininity. Take ownership of your body and adorn it with female-form tattoos that celebrate the beauty of the feminine figure.

A Brief History of the Female Form As An Artistic Motif

Throughout art history, the female figure has been a prominent subject, symbolizing various aspects of beauty, strength, fertility, and mythology. If we travel back to ancient civilizations, such as those of Greece and Rome, sculptures and paintings often depicted goddesses and mythical women, celebrating their divine qualities. Later on, during the Renaissance period, there was a renewed interest in human anatomy, leading to masterpieces that showcased the grace and proportions of the female body.

During the 19th and early 20th centuries, artists like Gustav Klimt and Auguste Rodin embraced a more sensual and symbolic representation of women, exploring themes of love, desire, and introspection. In the modern era, artists continue to reinterpret the female form, challenging societal norms and embracing diversity, resulting in a dynamic and ever-evolving portrayal that reflects changing perspectives on femininity and empowerment.

The Rise of Female Figure Tattoos

Yet art is not confined to a canvas. The rise of female figure tattoos can be traced back to the late 20th century, gaining significant popularity during the feminist movements and cultural shifts of the 1960s and 1970s. As women sought to assert their independence and challenge traditional gender roles, tattooing became a form of self-expression and empowerment. The female figure emerged as a powerful motif, symbolizing strength, resilience, and beauty.

Be Reminded of your Feminine Power with a Tattoo of a Female Body

While women some wear their hearts on their sleeves, others use images of the female body to make a statement. Female figure tattoos can be used to symbolize the strength and resilience inherent in the female experience. Whether it's a representation of a mythical goddess, an abstract interpretation of feminine energy, or a realistic portrayal of the human form, these tattoos serve as a constant reminder that beauty is diverse, and every woman is a masterpiece in her own right.

Depending on how the woman is posed in the female full-body tattoo, each element can hold a significant meaning. For instance, if just an outline of a woman is featured, this transmits anonymity and sensibility that could provoke introspection and self-discovery. Alternatively, if the woman is depicted using a confident stance, the female figure tattoo reminds the wearer to call upon their inner strength when times get tough. The incorporation of elements such as flowers hints at personal growth and renewal while vines may symbolize resilience and adaptability.

Be Inspired By These Female Body Tattoos

Spoilt for choice? Let your creative juices flow and focus on the message that you wish to portray. Whether it be a sensitive nod to the ever-evolving seasons of your life or a middle finger to the patriarchy, there are tons of designs out there ready to inspire your next feminine ink.

Back and Neck Tattoos for Females Embodying Their Creative Power

The back and the neck both form a beautiful canvas for female figure tattoos adding a dash of sensuality to the design. Thanks to the large surface area and the delicate curves of the torso, large format designs work best here.

Sun and Moon Female Form Tattoos

The playful forms of two ladies dancing, one with the face of the sun and the other with the moon propped delicately on her shoulders is a creative reminder of the duality of the feminine spirit. Just like day and night, light and darkness form an essential part of all women’s personalities. The moon symbolizes dark introspection and shadow work while the sun represents the vivacious aspects of the feminine. The design is not just a mere artistic expression but a powerful statement about embracing the complexity of womanhood. Each twirl and movement of the dancers captures the essence of life's ever-changing rhythm. The tattoo serves as a reminder to honor and appreciate the multifaceted nature of women, acknowledging that they can embody both the fiery brilliance of the sun and the serene glow of the moon.

A Female Face Tattoo

From hyper-realism to elaborate fine lines, there are endless ways to depict the beauty of the female gaze. For many, this tattoo holds deep and personal meaning. Often, the female face depicts a loved one or an idol. Other times, the identity of the face is obscured and left open for interpretation. Female figure tattoos like these are a constant reminder of the qualities and virtues embodied by the depicted woman, serving as guidance and inspiration for the wearer. The deliberate placement on top of the shoulder blades suggests a protective stance as if the depicted female face is watching over and lending strength from a place unseen.

Creative Chest Tattoos for Ladies

The chest area is as provocative as it is beautiful. Possibly one of the most feminine areas of the body for a tattoo, this region offers plenty of options to play with. From under-boob and side-boob tattoos to sternum tattoos, go to town inking this area with female figure tattoos.

Goddess Sternum Tattoos for Empowerment

From Isis to Aphrodite, Goddess tattoos transcend mere aesthetics acting as talismans for the wearer, protecting them from harm and empowering them throughout their daily routine. Each Goddess represents unique virtues which when embedded in ink, allow the wearer to connect with the divine on a deeper level. Located next to the heart chakra, the sternum becomes a sacred space, fostering a powerful connection to inner strength and spiritual energy.

Mermaid Side-Boob Tattoos for Rebirth

Dive into the watery depths of the Ocean and celebrate the revitalizing energy of the water element. For centuries, mermaids have symbolized renewal and rebirth. Splitting their time between the human realm and the mystical underwater world, they embody a harmonious balance between the two worlds. Their fluid figure and feminine form fits daintily around the contours of the chest area. Pregnant women or new moms may feel a close affinity to the watery energy of mermaid female figure tattoos and the rejuvenating power of the waves.

Small Female Figure Tattoos for the Arms and Legs

While these areas may seem small in size, don’t be fooled. The arms and legs act as the perfect canvas for female figure tattoos as not only are these areas on show more but the skin is tighter and firmer, allowing the tattoo to look as good as new over a longer period when compared to other parts of the body such as the abdomen.

Female Form Self-Care Tattoos

The iconic motif of a faceless woman wrapped in her own embrace acts as a powerful self-care reminder for women. Often it is easy to get caught up in busy schedules and women forget to take time for themselves. By placing this small and feminine tattoo in a visible location such as the inner forearm, it is easier to carve out “me-time” no matter how stressful life gets. Anyone in need of some extra TLC or someone battling a mental illness would benefit from this feminine ink.

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