Andy Willoughby

roomCanberra, New South Wales 🇦🇺


Tattooist based in Melbourne city, Victoria.

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I started my career in tattooing in early 2010, in a busy street shop on the South Coast of NSW, Australia. Learning from well respected artists and pouring myself over everything to do with 'tattoo', I knew early on that this was would be my life.

In 2012 I was presented the chance to own and operate my very own studio in the heart of a beautiful and busy tourist destination overlooking the ocean. Being one of the only tattoo studios in the area at the time, I was always working with a wide variety of clients. This gave me the opportunity to pursue many different tattoo styles, sometimes all in the one day. My portfolio came to include everything from Traditional colour tattoos to Black & Grey, Neo-Traditional, Realism, Script and many styles in-between.

I was, and still am proud of the diversity I then learned, but always knew there were certain tattoos I especially loved putting my name to. At the time I didn't really know what to categorise my developing style into, but I knew it had to have contrast... it had to make a statement, and most importantly... it had to be black.

Having been a successful small business owner for nearly 3 years at this point, managing and working alongside some great and up and coming artists and doing my time in a very busy, walk-in oriented street shop - I decided in mid 2015 it was time to take my dream to the big smoke.

I travelled down to Melbourne to guest-spot in a studio in the CBD, surrounded by other inspiring artists all trying to hone in there art and ideas with one thing in common. They all love black! My quest-spot turned into a job offer and I was calling Melbourne home before I knew it.

Now here in fresh 2016, I'm working full time at Hidden Moon Tattoo where you can find me doing my thing from Tuesday through Saturday. With an ever evolving collection of pieces I’ve been wanting to tattoo, always ready to go.

I also love collaborating with my clients to come up with new and creative ways to combine their ideas with my style of tattooing - thus creating unique, custom pieces my clients can wear with pride for the rest of their lives.

Make sure to have a good browse through the site to see more of what I'm about. Check out my portfolio to have a look at my latest tattoos or have a read through my frequently asked questions page if you're needing some answers in regard to my tattooing, bookings or general tattoo stuff. I have an aftercare sheet able to be downloaded by simply dragging and dropping it onto your desktop for easy reference whilst your tattoo's healing. You'll find it has all my recommended healing information. The online store is also now up for you to check out the latest goods. You can find all my social media links and contact information over on the contact page so you can keep up to date with the latest or send through an enquiry using the form.

Most importantly though, I just want to say a huge thank you for taking the time to have a read and learn a bit more about me. Your support is always appreciated and daily helps build, inspire and create all that I am as a Tattoo Artist today.

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